• Me taken this year by my good friend Joey Ivansco.

    I opened Beehive Co-op in 2004. The idea was born out of a need to take my burgeoning handmade handbag business to the next level. Up against a wall, burnt out on local festivals and unable to meet the margins for wholesale, I thought that there must be an alternative concept for fledgling entrepreneurs who are serious about building a business. Inspired by the antique dealer model, I conceived of Beehive as a place where designers can sell their merchandise directly to the customer in a supportive, collaborative environment that provides resources and support as they navigate the highs and lows of building a design/craft business. It’s been a long time since I’ve sewed (I miss it) but I’m constantly motivated to provide bigger and better opportunities for all the designers associated with Beehive Co-op!

    One of my first bee handbags (a favorite) made about 5 years ago.

    This was Beehive before the Co-op!

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October 04, 2007


jacQueline Sanchez

I love your blog and I love you.
Congrats on selling your first beehive co-op
I remember like it was yesterday when I met you at a street fair and you told me about your idea of opening a store in Atlanta and you took my contact info! Wow how you made it happen in less than a year. You are a true inspriation to us all. Thanks for supporting my work and letting me be apart of your hive. Cant wait for the one in NEW YORK
I love ya girl
In ALL my spare time I will read your blog!


Love the new blog...beautiful, clean design as I would expect! I look forward to continuing to read. Independent entrepreneurs, whether in design or other industries, gain so much insight and support from each other. I linked to you on my blog, too! http://kitchen.typepad.com



I'm so happy to see your blog! I think these highs and lows you write about here are so important to share. I think small biz owners, even of little businesses like mine, feel like they're in a vacuum sometimes and struggle with a variety of emotions alone. I think it's important to share that it's not all roses and sunshine all the time and that that is okay.

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  • Beehive Co-op is reinventing retail and redefining craft. Our mission is to nurture the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of emerging designers and in the process invigorate local communities with lovingly handcrafted, locally made products from the most talented professional designers in the region. Beehive Co-op is understated exuberance, a dynamically evolving mix of designers and products not found at the local mall. Whether you are seeking a shop to call your own, a place to market and grow your business, or handmade products to covet, Beehive is inspired retail. Franchise opportunities available.